Linux driver for Leadtek PCI TV cards with XC4000 tuner

These patches implement experimental support for the Leadtek PCI TV cards with CX2388x and XC4x00 chipset on Linux, such as the WinFast DTV2000 H Plus. Additional patches are available also for the WinFast PxDVR3200 H (PCI-E), and Pinnacle PCTV 340E (USB, currently DVB-T only).



Disclaimer: this is experimental code, so use it at your own risk, and only if you are familiar with installing Linux kernel drivers from source code.


Module parameters

The XC4000 driver has a number of module parameters which can be used to finetune its operation:



These patches include code from Devin Heitmueller's PCTV 340e driver, and also from this older patch by Mirek Slugen, who has contributed the PxDVR3200 H and kernel support as well. The kernel 2.6.34.x, 2.6.35.x, and 2.6.38.x patches have been created by Tomasz Kazmierczak. The PCTV 340E patches have been contributed by Mohammad Bahathir Hashim and Wojtbar Baranski.

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